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Below is a letter that GE  send to all appliance servicers in the country.  They want us to refer our customers to them for service if you have a problem with the Bearing in your GE washer.  Your servicer will let you know if you are having a problem with the bearing that is in question.  Please do not call GE if you are not having a problem with your T-line GE Washer!  In an effort to provide our customers the best possible cost solution we have made this document available to you.  

The letter is presented to you as it was to us, with the exception of the letter head and address. 




                                                                                                    From the Gracie Tech-Team


T-Line Washer Bearing Replacement Program (3/98)

Dear Major Appliance Servicer.,

As you are aware, we at GE are extremely proud of our fine reputation as a producer of quality products and replacement parts. We are also proud of our reputation for fair treatment of those who purchase GE products and services. This is a reputation which clearly distinguishes us above our competition. We are taking yet another step to enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to our products.

GE Appliances has found that some bearings in our GE, Hotpoint, RCA and Profile washers manufactured in the U.S. between August 1995 and May 1997 are susceptible to failure. This situation is unacceptable to GE Appliances. It is inconsistent with our drive for a total quality reputation based upon product performance in the home.

Therefore, effective immediately, we are offering a special service program to cover the labor and parts for anyone experiencing a washer bearing failure with one of these machines in the second year. If one of these products experiences a bearing failure in year three, the customer receives a replacement bearing at no charge and a discounted labor charge of $50.

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Regardless of when a failure occurs, once a repair is completed, the customer will continue to be protected for the balance of

the original limited warranty.

We are asking other servicers to refer customers experiencing this problem directly to us by calling 1-800-644-7812. In an effort to reach everyone who may experience such a failure, we are also communicating this offering and the phone number to parts suppliers. To help you best help your customers and provide clarity relative to eligible models and how to determine what constitutes year two through three status, following is information to determine a washer's manufacturing date.

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If you or your customers have questions regarding this program, please call 1-800-644-7812. We have designed this program based on feedback from consumer focus groups. Your positive response to customer inquiries will play a major role in helping them understand our program and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We feel confident that your customers will consider this a fair response to the issue.

We appreciate your support in implementing this important quality program. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and provides a reputation that distinguishes us from our competition.


                                                                                                                                                                Dick Miller,

                                                                                                                                                                Quality Compliance Program