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Lennox G26 Furnaces Manufactured Before June 1996

This posts was found on the alt.hvac. news group, and is displayed hear as it was found...  Refer to your HVAC contractor if you suspect any problem with your G26 Lennox Furnace.

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There have been some instances of melted and charred PVC intake pipe and
plastic fittings on G26 furnaces manufactured before June 1996. This has
occurred at the point where the PVC intake pipe connects to the furnace.
This is a mandatory program . Lennox wants to retrofit each G26 furnace
produced during the affected time frame.
The affected date code is 5896Fxxxxx.
The upgrade kit is part # 15l93.

Also, there have been several instances of a partially destroyed
ignition control module on
G24M4/5 or 80MGF4/5 furnaces. This is a non-mandatory program.  Lennox
is advising that the RAM33J6201 ignition control be replaced with a
65K07 kit.
Affected date codes are :
G24M-4/5 dash 2 through dash 6
80MGF-4/5 dash1 through dash 4 and dash 6

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