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Dishwasher & Disposal Care Tips!


How hot should the water get?

The water temperature needs to be at least 140F in order for the detergent to begin to activate. This is the same for both granulated and liquid detergents. If your dishwasher does not have a water heating option, you will need to set your hot water heater to the appropriate temperature (140F) If your dishwasher has a water heater option, then you are able to turn you hot water heater temperature down to save on energy costs. You do need to remember first to use the heating option and that the dishwasher cycle will run longer.



What is that smell?

One of the biggest mistakes disposal customers make is not grinding all food that is dumped down the drain. Anytime you put food in the disposal you should use it. Decaying food can be very destructive to the interior metal parts and seals. You should grind about 5lb of ice in your disposal. This will help keep the disposal clean, and by using ice you eliminate the possibility of jams! You can also grind up citrus based fruits (lemons, oranges, limes) to the disposal smelling good.


Is that hot water?

Most customers know to run the water when grinding food in a disposal. What most people do not know is that you should never use hot water for the grinding process. When grinding food you should only use cold or warm water. The seals in the disposal are water cooled, and extremely hot water can damage these seals.