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Range & Oven Care Tips!


Keeping it clean!

Self cleaning ovens are so easy to keep clean, but those oven doors just don't seem to come very clean. On these area, use detergent and hot water or a soap-filled steel wool pad. Rinse well with a vinegar and water solution. This will help prevent a brown residue from forming when the oven is heated. Buff these areas with a dry cloth, and as always never ever clean the gasket!


Aluminum Foil?

If you are using aluminum foil to keep your drip pans free from grease, there is something your should know! If grease is allowed to build up on the foil you can start a fire. We do not recommend using household aluminum foil for oven use, because it can ignite and start a fire. You can purchase oven liner foil at most parts warehouse!

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