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Refrigerator Care Tips!

Dirty Condensers!

The most important service that you can perform on your refrigerator is to keep the condenser and compressor area clean! There are two different condensing methods, static condensers, and forced air condensers. Forced air condensers should be cleaned at least once a year, but twice a year is recommended. Static condensers should be allowed to convect heat at the top and sides, this is very important. Cleaning every two years is usually sufficient for static condensers. This will keep energy costs down and prolong the useful life of your refrigerator.


Those Door Gaskets!

Each year the price of refrigerator and freezer door gaskets seems to be getting higher and higher. You can spend up to 100.00 on a refrigerator door gasket! 90% of the door gaskets we see that fail prematurely, are due to improper or no maintenance. It's simple, keep the gasket and the refrigerator frame clean. Free from mildew and food partials. This is the easiest service you can perform on your refrigerator, but yet it is one that is very much neglected.

You can even go a step further and lightly moisturize the gaskets. We have found that a very light coat of Armorall after cleaning works very well.


Polypropylene (plastic/nylon) Ice Maker Lines!

If your ice maker's supply line is a polypropylene line, you may want to consider replacing it with copper! In our area, we have seen many of these lines rupture. Causing thousands of dollars of damages to homes. If you are reluctant to change it, then please follow these precautionary steps to help prevent ruptures.