When calling for service for a product that is still under the manufactures warranty there are "Special" considerations that we MUST explain.  This can take time and will require more information then if the product was out of warranty.

Below is a list of thing that you want to have ready before calling for service.  

The other "Special" considerations are in reference to what the manufacture will and will not pay for. It really is very simple..

What does this mean for you?  If we arrive at your home and cannot find any problem with the unit, or if the problem is due to anything other than a manufactures defect, you will be responsible for the service charge and any additional labor. If the problem is an intermittent one, and when we return to re-diagnose the unit, and find a manufactures defect then all previously paid money will be refunded to you, according to the manufactures warranty.

I know this seems a bit over the top, but I assure you that we can not stay in business for very long if we don't get paid for our services.  Since the manufactures have stated that they will not pay us for anything that falls out side of the manufactures defect claim.  It is not our policy, but the manufactures.