True Care Maintenance Program

"An Ounce of Prevention..."

Maintenance Agreements

Gracie Appliance Services is pleased to announce we are now offering Maintenance Agreements. This is NOT a Service Contract offer, and there is a big dollar and cents difference. Service Contracts offer very little to prolong the useful life of your appliances. The rising yearly cost of a Service Contract, makes them, in most cases, ineffective and cost-prohibiting.

Pro-active Maintenance

Gain Peace of Mind

This sounds like an old cliché but for the members of our TrueCare Maintenance program, it’s a new way of saving all year long, that not only makes a big difference, but it also makes a whole lot of sense. Long before a home appliance system actually breaks down, it silently and unavoidably loses efficiency, consuming more energy and causing further “chain reaction” component damage. Equipment not regularly maintained, is always moving closer each day to breakdown and unnecessary costly repairs. This is not to mention the inconvenience it will put you through to go without your appliance for day’s and maybe weeks.

Studies have proven that a pro-active maintenance program extends the useful life of your home appliances, heating and cooling systems, and also saves energy, which will save you money all year round!

The TrueCare Maintenance Agreements cost far less and ensures you that your home appliances and heating & air conditioning systems are properly maintained to prolong its useful and effective life. This action alone will save you hundreds of dollars in appliance repairs. In addition to keeping your appliances in great running condition, all our custom and tailored made agreements come with money saving features, when a repair is needed. So as you can see, you can gain a peace of mind when it comes to the condition of your home appliances and heating & air conditioning systems!

Please consider what you have read!

Pursuing a pro active maintenance program will give you better performing, and longer lasting appliances.

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